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Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board was constituted vide Punjab Govt. Notification No S.O.17/C.A.27/96/S.18/2/2009 dated 30/04/2009, as per provisions under “The Building and Other Construction Workers’ (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996”. The major functions of the board are to register the construction workers in the state of Punjab, to frame welfare schemes for these construction workers and to provide them financial benefits under these schemes.
Our Mission: The mission of the Board is to uplift the living standards of the construction workers in the State of Punjab by way of providing them basic amenities and adequate welfare measures after enrolling them as beneficiaries with the Board and providing them benefits by way of direct transfer into their bank accounts, under various welfare schemes of the board in a very transparent and efficient manner.
Construction Worker: Any worker doing any building and other construction work in the State of Punjab for minimum 90 days during the last 12 months and whose age is between 18 to 60 years is a construction worker.
Registration with the Board: A construction worker becomes member of the board by filling Application form No 28 along with depositing of registration fees of Rs.25/- only (once in life) and Rs.10/- per month as contribution fees. A worker at a time can get himself registered for minimum period of 3 years & maximum period of 5 years.The registered worker is called 'Beneficiary' of the Board.
Application for Benefits: For the registration of a construction worker and for filing applications for various benefits under the Welfare Schemes of Board, the construction worker is to contact the Assistant labour Commissioner/ Labour-cum-Conciliation Officer/Labour Inspector of his area.
Welfare Schemes of the Board: Once a construction worker gets registered with the Board he becomes eligible for benefits under various Welfare schemes such as Ex-Gratia Scheme, Stipend Scheme, BPSSBY Scheme, Funeral Scheme, Shagun Scheme, Pension Scheme etc. For details of Welfare Schemes click at “Welfare Schemes” Menu on left sidebar.
Source of Income of the Board: The main source of income of the Board is Cess levied and collected under the Cess Act and the registration and contribution fee received from the registered construction workers.  Board has received Rs. 1029.55 Crore cess amount as on 30/6/2017 and has spent about Rs 496.10 Crore under various Welfare Schemes and other administrative expenses
Beneficiaries Registered : 6.10 Lakh workers have been registered with the Board as beneficiaries till 30/6/2017.
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Captain Amrinder Singh,
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab.

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