Ques1.  Who can become member of the board?

Ans: a) Any construction worker whose age is between 18 to 60 years and has worked in Punjab State in any construction work for minimum of 90 days in a year

Ques2: For how long period a construction worker can get registered at a time?

Ans: A construction worker can get membership for a maximum period of one year at a time.


        Ques3: What is the rate of registration fee?

Ans: The rate of registration fee is Rs 25/- at the time of registration. It is a one time fee.


        Ques4: What is the rate of contribution?

Ans: A registered worker is required to contribute @ Rs. 10/- per month as contribution fee to the board. He may deposit this contribution for maximum three year at a time.


        Ques5: How to apply for registration?

Ans: Any construction worker who is of 18 years and below 60 years’ age and has worked in Punjab State for not less than 90 days shall apply for registration as construction worker on the prescribed form No. 28 which is available on the Board’s website or from the office of ALC/LCO and Labour Inspectors of the area.


        Ques6: To Whom apply?

Ans: A construction worker who intends to get himself registered as member of the Board shall apply to the Labour Inspector of his area.


        Ques7: Documents required for registration?

Ans: The documents required for registration are age proof( If no age proof is available self declaration), residence proof, adhar card (If available), Bank Account details (Bank branch, account No. and IFSC/RTGS number), detail of dependents and employer’s certificate of working for 90 days as construction worker and nomination form.


        Ques8: Who can get benefit of various welfare schemes of the Board.

Ans: Any construction worker who is a registered member of the Board can get benefit of the welfare schemes for himself and for his family members.


        Ques9: Who are the family members?

Ans: Husband or wife, minor sons (including major sons who are insane or physically handicapped and unable to earn), unmarried daughters and the parents of the building worker, who are solely dependent on him.


        Ques10: Whom to apply for getting benefits of welfare schemes?

Ans: Labour Inspector of the area.


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Captain Amrinder Singh,
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab.

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