Worker Registration Form (Form No. 28)

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Are you Migrant? If yes,fill the details below Current Department Details Where you are working (If Applicable)
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Upload Working (Form No. 27) (Self decelaration attested by sarpanch/mc) :*
Employer Name :
Employer Address :
Whether applicant is already a member of any other Board? If yes, fill the details below:- Bank account details of the worker for transferring benefits
Name of the Bank :*
Branch :*
Bank Account Number :*
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IFS Code :*
ESI Number :
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Give detail of Family member as per definition of family given as under:- "family" means the husband or wife, minor sons (including major sons who are insane or physically handicapped and unable to earn), unmarried daughters and the parents of the building worker, who are solely dependant on him.
Serial Number Name of the member Relationship with the worker Gender Nominee Age Qualification Do you want to acquire skill upgradation/ Vocational Education Upload Photo Upload Nominee (Form-29) Document Add More +
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Other Information
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I declare that the contents given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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Worker Reg No :
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End Date :
Amount :
Your Registration Details have been Saved. Kindly check your E-mail for Temporary Registration Number and wait for Officer's Approval.
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